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PROCONist: Mood Analyzer

Why would I use this? What can I learn?

  • Find patterns in your best and worst days?
  • Find out what you have been thinking about the most for the last day, week, month, year, etc
  • Find out what emotional states (Happiness, Anger, Frustration, Accomplishment, etc) are triggered by  particular keywords, activities, people, etc

Why is it called PROCONist? It’s called PROCONist because it analyzes your input based on the Pros and Cons of your day … because you are using it … you are a PROCONist.

New Entry (top)

The very first thing you will want to do is click on "New Entry" in the top right corner


Edit (top)

That will bring you to the edit screen


Account (top)

This is where you can edit your Banned words and auto fill words. I wouldn't enter any words until you need them because they will just add clutter and make the tool more confusing.


Search / Patterns (top)


You can also search for a specifc word to view it's patterns and associations


Click "+Show Data" to see the the entries highlighted in context


Thanks (top)

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If you have any questions please email me.

Nate Williams